The secret formula of nature.

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The secret formula of nature.

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A collection crafted with masterful, traditional herbal expertise.

The Cosmos Organic certified cosmetics range is formulated and developed to be effective and respectful of the skin and environment.

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All cosmetics In The Rerum Natura range are COSMOS Organic Certified. This certification process guarantees the final product capable of marking a new frontier of superior standards and innovation. A COSMOS certified organic product is guaranteed worldwide.


De Rerum Natura is a poem written by Roman philosopher, Titus Lucretius in the 1st century BC.
Exacting the same purpose in narration of “the nature of things”, The Rerum Natura is the embodiment of a cosmetic brand inspired by authentic herbal preparation.

why do we choose essential oils?

Because essential oils do not contain synthetic fragrances.
They are extracted from aromatic plants and contain a vast array of healing and body-supporting benefits.
The Rerum Natura intense perfume aims to create a feeling of pure well-being which gently restore the natural balance and beauty of the skin.

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