Prija Hair And Body Gift Pack


Sachet in natural cotton with selected cosmetics for your daily hair & body care.

Enjoy the natural beneficial properties of Prija. The eastern world has recognized ginseng’s reinvigorating properties for many centuries. The combination of the natural oils and warm notes (Artemisia, Cardamom, Cedar Wood, Madagascan Vanilla, Amber) will stimulate your mind and body. Their special aromatherapy scents are taken from exotic plants from around the world. The lotions and cleansers have been specifically studied to reduce the possibility of allergic reaction in those with sensitive skin.

Production: Cosmetics are produced entirely in Italy, sachet is made in China. The kit is assembled in Italy.

Dimensions: 16 x 30 x 3.14 in


  • 1 x Vitalizing Creamy bath foam with Ginseng in 12.84 Fl oz us bottle
  • 1 x Fortifying shampoo with Eruca Sativa in 12.84 Fl oz us bottle
Vegan friendly
Efficacy tested
Dermatologically tested
Smells great
Prija Hair And Body Gift Pack
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