We offer you a convenient way of ordering our products on a regular basis without ever worrying about running out. GFL Auto-Replenish option is available on almost every product detail page, and offers you several auto-replenishment cycles for ordering a product. If your entire family uses our products, choose every 15 days. If it is only for you, choose every 30 or 60 days.

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Yes, you have total control over your auto-replenishments. You can cancel, change, or pause at any time.
Yes, you can either visit My Account, or click on the Manage Auto-Replenishment button on the email confirmation.
Absolutely, by visiting My Account, you can skip a certain order or make sure the order gets placed right away. You have total control.
Yes, for each plan, you get a different discount. The shorter the cycle, higher the discount.
Same rules as regular orders apply. For example, if the total of your auto-replenishments are over $40, your order will not be charged for shipping. If you place multiple auto-replenishment orders, they each must follow this rule. You can always manage your auto-replenishments under My Account and add more products to be eligible for free shipping.
Our standard auto-subscription plans can be cancelled even after the first order. If a special promotional plan is offered, it may have certain requirements, which will be publicized at the time of the promotion.
Yes, please click here and add multiple products. You need to a minimum of 5 products. Also, you will receive larger discounts with larger orders.
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