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The Cosmos label organic certification controls the entire manufacturing process and lists the organic and natural ingredients on the label. A Cosmos certified organic product is guaranteed by one of the most respected certification body care worldwide.




gfl Cosmos certification ingredients

Ingredients verification and formula validation
Validation of raw materials which have to belong to a selective list of authorized ingredients.
COSMOS verifies that all raw materials used are compliant to their standards.
COSMOS validates the % of Natural and BIO ingredients which will be written on the label.

gfl Cosmos certification packaging verification

Packaging verification

. Packaging typology analysis.
. Packaging materials analysis. Primary packaging can not contain PVC and Polystyrene. Secondary packaging recyclable materials.

gfl Cosmos certification inspection, certification and control

Inspection, certification and control
. An auditor is sent to conduct audits, inspections and take samples from the customers on their sites. Auditors can conduct both scheduled and random inspections.
The Audits certified:
. Compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of GFL manufacturing site.
. Compliance to Cosmos criteria of all GLF co-packers.
. Cleanings and hygiene guaranteed during manufacturing process
. Traceability of every component of the finished product into all supply chain processes
. No cross contamination between BIO and NON-BIO ingredients during manufacturing.

gfl Cosmos certification production requirement

Production requirement
. Raw material reception.
. Transport Storing.
. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
. Energy, Waste, discharge management.
. Global quality system evaluation.

gfl Cosmos certification labelling rules

Labelling rules
. Signature of COSMOS with the Logo. Reference to the Certification.% of BIO ingredients out of the total of ingredients.
. An asterisk on PPAI BIO ingredients coming from BIO agriculture. * a ** an asterisk on CPAI BIO ingredients chemically transformed from BIO ingredients.

gfl Cosmos certification certificate

After compliance to all regulations, a certificate affirming that the products can be produced and distributed is released. The certificate is renewed every year after a specific Audit conducted by external certified third parties.


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