GFL Rewards & Referral Program

GFL Rewards & Referral Program is a great way to receive gifts, discounts, and other surprise offers from us by simply being a customer. You earn points for several activities on our site, such as referring friends, creating an account, liking us on social media, and, our favorite, Shopping. You can then redeem these points for free things or discounts.

We recommend that you Register here and enter your birthday on the app to receive some easy points. You can always find the link for this page in our Footer section to see your points, available rewards, etc. by clicking on the button below.
Please see below for a list of ways you can earn points, discounts, etc.  We recommend that you click on the button above and review all these features on our Rewards app.
GFL Rewards

GFL Rewards & Referral Program also makes it easy for you to recommend our site to your friends, family, or anybody else you wish to include. Both you and your referrals benefit from this relationship. They receive discounts and you receive bonus credits that can be applied to future orders. 
GFL Referral Program