Gel For Life-Purifying Hand Soap With Purifying Ingredients (3.52 Oz)
Hand soap with purifying ingredients. A vegan friendly formula without Mineral Oils, leaves the hands of all skin types soft and delicately perfumed. Offers a very high cleansing performance, thanks to the presence of Chlorhexidine Digluconate known to carry out...
Gel For Life-Purifying Hand Wash With Purifying Ingredients (12.84 Fl oz)
Hand Wash With Purifying Ingredients is ideal for deep cleansing your hands. This hand wash is enriched with lemon, tiaré and lotus flowers extracts offering a compound known as gluconate that is meant to carry out a deep purifying action. STAR...
Gel For Life-Purifying Body Wash With Purifying Ingredients (12.84 Fl oz)
Body Wash with purifying ingredients ideal for deeply cleansing the skin of the whole family!Enriched with soybean, amla, coconut oils. STAR INGREDIENTS:- Soybean oil: rich in omega 3 and 6 with nourishing and antioxidant power promoting protection against tissue dehydration...
Gel For Life-Purifying Shampoo With Purifying Ingredients (12.84 Fl oz)
Shampoo With Purifying Ingredients is ideal for deep cleansing hair and scalp. It is enriched with hydrolyzed keratin, argan and linseed oil. The shampoo intervenes by favorably restoring scalp hygiene thanks to the presence of a very delicate washing base...
Gel For Life-Purifying Conditioner With Detangling Ingredients (12.84 Fl oz)
Conditioner With Detangling Ingredients protects and regenerates the hair. Enriched with purified keratin and chamomile extract. This conditioner gently brightens, protects and smooths hair. STAR INGREDIENTS:- Keratin: has regenerating, restoring and hydrating properties for healthier and shinier hair. - Chamomile...
Gel For Life-Purifying Body Lotion With Moisturizing Ingredients (12.84 Fl oz)
Body Lotion with moisturizing ingredients. Natural effective ingredients to respect the natural protective skin barrier. Enriched with vitamin E and virgin shea butter. This body cream absorbs quickly and restores skin’s elasticity while delivering smooth, long-lasting hydration. STAR INGREDIENTS:- Vitamin...
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